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Who Can Benefit from Our Consultation Services?

At Mike Conroy and Associates Consulting, our services are pivotal for a diverse range of clients seeking expert advice and solutions in environmental control, risk management, and property maintenance.

Clients We Serve

  • Restoration Contractors, Mold Remediators: We write protocols and perform post remediation verifications.
  • Contractors of all Kinds: General Contractors, HVAC, Plumbing, Roofing
  • Schools, Churches, Daycare Centers: Offering indoor environmental consulting
  • Healthcare/Hospitals, Assisted living facilities: Keeping staff, residents, patients, and visitors safe from environmental contaminants
  • Insurance Firms and Adjusters: Offering critical assessments to establish liabilities and protect assets.
  • Property Management Firms: For apartments, condos, and rental operations, ensuring living spaces meet health and safety standards.
  • Educational Institutions: Crafting safer learning environments by monitoring air quality and maintenance protocols in schools.
  • Retail Stores: Providing evaluations to ensure customer and staff comfort and safety.
  • Employers Across Various Industries: Assisting with workplace environment compliance and risk reduction.
  • Financial Institutions such as Banks and Mortgage Companies, Underwriters: Including Navy Federal Credit Union, safeguarding their facilities from potential environmental hazards.
  • Fitness Clubs: Creating optimal and healthy indoor environments for members and staff.
  • Government Facilities, Municipal, County and State Building Managers: Ensuring public buildings meet stringent health and safety regulations.
  • Private Landlords: Offering expert consultations to maintain property integrity and tenant satisfaction.
  • Civilian and Military Housing: Specializing in both public and private sector housing solutions to ensure comfortable and safe living conditions.

Our Expertise

At Mike Conroy and Associates Consulting, we extend our specialized services to an expansive clientele, ensuring that a diverse range of environments—be it a bustling office of 100 cubicles or a critical government building—remain safe and healthy. We understand that in large corporations and governmental organizations, the allegation of mold can quickly escalate from a single complaint to a widespread concern, potentially leading to significant downtime as employees may know how to leverage such situations. Our rapid response and thorough investigation methods are designed to swiftly address and resolve these issues, maintaining operational continuity.

In addition to our role as advisors for various sectors, we also partner with industry consultants and water damage mitigation companies. Our real-world experience in drying out wet buildings and remediating mold sets us apart. While others in the field may rely solely on theoretical knowledge gained in a classroom, our team boasts hands-on experience with the tools of the trade—from HEPA vacuums to respirators. This practical expertise is essential in executing economical and reasonable solutions that go beyond the textbook, ensuring our clients receive the most effective and practical results.

Mike Conroy and Associates Consulting is not just another consulting firm; we are seasoned professionals with the dirt-under-the-fingernails experience necessary to do the job right—the first time. Whether it’s a private landlord, a sprawling fitness club, or a high-security government facility, our commitment is to provide service that is not only informed by industry best practices but also grounded in the reality of what works.

Our expertise comes into play in situations where, for instance, tenants, in an effort to stay cool, add portable air conditioners to existing window units. While well-intentioned, such measures can lead to excessive moisture and subsequent mold growth. It is in these complex scenarios that property management companies rely on us to discern responsibility and devise strategies to mitigate such issues. Mike Conroy and Associates Consulting stands at the forefront, providing essential services to protect properties and people, ensuring that environments are not only comfortable but also healthy and compliant with all regulations.